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Help! So, what's the difference?

One of the questions I frequently get asked is...what's the difference between 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D ultrasounds?

These are great questions and I'll explain the difference.

I hope this helps!

First, what is 2D? This is an ultrasound that most OB's use when you have your early ultrasound and anatomy scan. It's basically, like a negative image of your baby in black and white. We always determine the gender of your baby in 2D so it's very important to use 2D capability.

Next, what is 3D? 3D is an image of your baby with form and substance. Our ultrasound machine uses a probe that sends sound waves into your belly and when the sound waves see your baby, it sends our monitor a 3D image of your baby with tissue and detail. We can print the 3D image in black and white or color. The color picture is a flesh colored image of your baby.

So, what's the difference in 3D and 4D? 4D is seeing your baby in real time/live. We record your ultrasound live and create your DVD as a keepsake. You'll see your baby moving during the ultrasound and things you may see is your baby yawning, stretching, waving, kicking and even smiling. We record all your baby's motion in 4D.

Lastly, what is 5D? 5D is HD or a high definition ultrasound. This is the next generation ultrasound that shows even more life-like detail of your baby during your scan.

Our ultrasound machine offers state of the art 2D, 3D and 4D capability.

I thought about purchasing an ultrasound machine with HD capability, however, when I did the research, I learned your baby HAS to be in the perfect position during the scan. There can be NO placenta in the way, NO hands, feet or cord can be in the face, otherwise, 5D won't provide images of your baby. Many moms come to us and their baby has their hands, feet, cord, placenta in their face. Our machine is the newest generation of 3D/4D capability and it provides the highest quality images, even if your baby has hands, feet, placenta, cord in the face or if baby is in a difficult position etc..., we can work around these things to get your babys face to show up!

And my techs do an amazing job getting beautiful images of babies in 3D/4D!

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