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It’s easy peasey..

We offer the Sneak Peek Early Gender Clinical DNA Blood Test at our studio. Why come to us when you can do the at home test? I think this is a great question! We’ve been offering the clinical test at our studio for 4 years. Come to us as early as 6 weeks in your pregnancy!

We do all the following for one price: We provide the test kit at our studio. We bring in a licensed phlebotomist to draw your blood. She knows what she’s doing; she’s fast and professional. This takes out all the human error that can occur with the home tests. We package your blood and send it overnight by Fedex. We track it to the Sneak Peek facility in California and their lab determines the gender of your baby.

You receive the results by text and email within 24 hours. It’s fast and easy! We also sell gender reveal items at our studio! We can secretly have your correct gender reveal confetti cannon or powder cannon prepared for your big gender reveal party!

We do ALL the work for you!

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