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Live in COLOR and BLACK and WHITE!

What's the difference in color pictures and black and white pictures? That's a great question! Some of our packages offer both, some packages include black and white only. Color pictures are printed with a flesh color image of your baby usually in 3D. The black and white pictures are similar to what you get from your OB, however we print some in 3D and some in 2D. Color pictures are printed in a 3x5 size on a heavier paper and the black and white are printed in a 3x3 size on thinner paper.

You're welcome to add on color pictures for an additional fee to any package as well as adding on black and white pictures to your package for an additional fee.

And as always....our techs do an amazing job giving you the best images of your baby in color and black and white!

Check out the samples I've added to this blog 😊

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