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Twin peeks!

Are you pregnant with twins? We love giving families having twins a peek of their babies in 3D. I get asked the great question ...When is it a good time in the pregnancy to see both their faces in 3D? With twins, we recommend you come around 25 weeks in your pregnancy. The reason why is we've found in the 11 years of doing private 3D ultrasounds that when it comes to twins, one twin is the star of the show and the other twin likes to hide lol

If you come starting around 25 weeks, we have the best chance of getting both babies to show us their sweet faces before they get too big and crowded. And what's the other secret? Water, water water! Drinking lots of water at least 3 days before your twin ultrasound helps to build up the fluid around babies faces! Twin scans are so much fun! My techs work really hard to get the best images of both your babies!

Oh, and we welcome additional multiples as well! Bring us your triplets and quads, too!

The more the merrier!

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