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See Baby Grow Program

(8 weeks to 36 weeks)

8 Ultrasounds
(Paid in 2 installments of $227.50)

Our See Baby Grow Program gives you the joy of seeing your baby 8 times during your pregnancy. You'll come starting at 8 weeks to see your sweet baby. Every 4 weeks you'll enjoy watching your baby grow from a raspberry to a watermelon, during your pregnancy.

We'll capture it all for you as a beautiful keepsake.

  • Start your program at 8 weeks (no later than 12 weeks) 

  • At least 12 minutes of 2D/3D/4D ultrasound recorded on a DVD

  • Gender determination at 15-16 weeks ($10 add on)

  • 3 black and white pictures to take home at each peek

  • 1 Color picture saved from each peek to be placed in a memory album and presented to you at the end of your program

  • DVD of each peek to be presented at the end of the program

  • A punch card to mark off each peek during the program 

  • First half payment due in full at the beginning of the program (8-20 weeks) $227.50

  • Second half payment due in full at week 20 for the second part of the program (20-36 weeks) $227.50

  • At the end of the program you'll receive the following: Pregnancy journey memory album filled with color pictures, DVD of each peek, special Grow Baby gift from Baby's Image in 3D

*Sorry, no refunds

*Only available as a complete program of 8 scans

(8-36 weeks)

*1/2 due at start of program. Remainder due at 20 weeks

*Add ons are available for separate purchase

(black & white pictures, color pictures, CD, heartbeat animal)

*Twins/multiples not eligible for this program 

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